Monday, July 28, 2014


Although the pro-ana is not a diet, but a lifestyle
and the most important diet is to eat "nothing" or "the least"
However, some supplements are helpful.

Skinny girl diet

Enough NIEhardcorowa as butterflies, cool: D
How much can you lose weight? In my view, about 5-7 kg, depends on whether it will be a lot of exercise and how much you weigh, but I assume that the practice will be ;)
skinny girl diet.png

Ana boot camp

Well, a little hardcore, few people gave advice. You have to practice to not slow down the metabolism, but very much also can not be, because you will fall ... Not like me, but maybe some of it ;)
How much can you lose weight? 9-12 kg, it is known on which it depends. Also that metabolism is not screwed up xD

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diet SGD (Skinny Girl Diet). A little bit about her

As for me, this is one of the milder diet Wing. Here are its basic principles:

1 drink a minimum of 1.5-2l of water a day.
2 The prohibition of eating sweets.
3 A self-made juices are not included in the balance sheet
4 Not included in the balance sheet as vegetables,  because too have calories.
5-minute daily exercise. half-hour
6 FAST is a hunger strike.
7 green and red tea helps in weight loss (of course WITHOUT sugar) 

Source:  The text (in part) and the idea :, photo: a girl blog who have passion , practice and experience a  healthy skinny girl diet plan results and other resources :-)